searching-for-serendipity said: Hey! I've been following you 5ever and I love your blog. But, what I'm trying to figure out is why someone is sending you anon messages calling a baby (that isn't yours) ugly? All babies are creepy looking, but there's no need to comment on someone else's child. Like y'all, it's cool if you don't like Lily, but this is SOMEONE ELSES baby. It's tumblr for god's sake. Why do any of you feel the need to comment on the appearance of an infant? Do they think it's going to bother you? I don't get it..

Lol they just try insulting superficial things because I’m a person of good character so they have nothing else to hate on other than that. Thank you though dear :)

Anonymous said: I noticed you are getting a lot of hate on the baby girl. Idk who's baby it is and I don't really care.. But I wanted to say the baby is adorable and does not look like a monkey. Or whatever the heck. It honestly sickens me that people have such low standards as human beings to go out of their way to say mean shit about a baby. So yeah that bby girl is adorable and beautiful.

Thank you love. She’s a joy and a blessing like every baby and deserves nothing less than kindness and love. Some people are lost I guess

fuckfaceabby said: We've gotten to the point of insulting babies now?! Holy shit you must be doing something right to be hated this much. 👏👏👏

Hahahahha happiness and success makes people mad I guess

Anonymous said: I mean... It's 2014 if I can't say someone's kid is ugly and you just not get offended and move on... You are obviously not as non chilant ass you want to make yourself out to be and nah you're right I don't really know either of you I barely started following a few months ago. I just know of her through mutual people I don't care to know her nasty trashy self

Lol it’s 2014 you’re right. Have some class. You have no room calling her trashy if you’re the one acting like trash boo

Anonymous said: I mean... When a baby is ugly its not hard to recognize. Some babies just aren't that blessed but as long as she's healthy more power to her. I figured it was your girls baby and you take care of it. I had heard she fucked black dudes before and thought maybe she had a baby and then got with another girl ... Shit

She’s had sex with 1 guy. And he was mixed. Yes some people aren’t fond of the way a baby looks but it’s common courtesy to keep it to yourself. It has been said numerous times that she does not have a child which means you either know that and are still trying to be rude, or you haven’t been around long enough to know shit about my girlfriend or who she dates. It can’t be both. My guess is it’s the first one and you’re just a bitch though. But yeah the baby is in good health, she’s happy as is everyone I associate with. Work on your self happiness and maybe I won’t hear from you again. Have a good night.

Anonymous said: If you two didn't move out then what was the new bed/furniture for? I thought you described it as being for you both?

It is. We will take it all when we move out. We moved to a bigger room in our current house.

Ah full tanks are the best feeling. Especially getting over 400 miles on a 10/11 gallon tank

Anonymous said: so who do u think is better her or lc?

Why would you ask me a question that’s obviously going to start drama

Anonymous said: Did you move out of your moms? Do u and ur gf rent a room in a house together? Congrats on the raise btw

No not yet :/ when she gets enough money for a car I’ll get a second job and work on that :) thank you though

Anonymous said: Can Bri really sing? she says she can but she wont ever post a vid.

Bri my ex? Yeah she sings really well.