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"I miss her" - 3am thought

Fucking relevant. So damn relevant.


Ausländer SS15

H    O    M    M    E
Anonymous said: Who's your friend that lc's current gf was with?


Anonymous said: Your fucking awesome and Ari is fucking beaitiful. Bitches need to step back, FUH REAL. ✋

Thank you love :)))

Anonymous said: are you still "in" love with bri?

Hell no

Anonymous said: yall are too old to be fighting/talking shit over tumblr

Who was talking shit and fighting? I was stating facts and discussing. I never fought with her

phoeniixblu said: Keep seeing mad shade on your tumblr. I just wanna ask....what did you do to be so hated? And how can I attain this level of badassery? Lmao for real tho. You got madd haters on board captain!

HAHAHAHAHA I don’t let people’s bullshit be covered up by a facade.