Anonymous said: Why do you need to buy one? Don't you have a strap on?

I don’t want to use one I used with my ex. Even if it’s washed. I’d rather just get a different one with more features

Anonymous said: I feel like you're open as fuck about stuff so I'm gonna ask you but.. I wanna buy a strap on but I'm nervous to go in the store and I don't wanna order it. How do I get over being nervous?

I mean honestly, every store that I’ve been to that sells them have very non judgmental employees. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just a matter of actually going in

My routine before I see my girlfriend

-cut my nails
-brush my teeth
-do my eyebrows
-put on some smell good shit

Anonymous said: Has ari used to strap on you yet?

No we need to buy one

Anonymous said: What are you and ari gonna do today? 😏

Lol probably an Easter egg hunt with her niece and stuff.

Anonymous said: Eww how the heck do you lick someone's butt hole? I just don't get why people do that. It smells and people literally SHIT out of that so you're going to lick it? That's just so gross to me. I don't understand why someone would do that

Not if you bathe after you shit lol