Anonymous said: There is no way lily op a your door every time you get in the car let's be honest she is just trying to look good.


she really does though. Even when i open it she closes it so she can open it for me. She’s cute.

This describes my jokes. #cheesy #badumtssssss
Writing has been helping me so much ❤️

Anonymous said: What's your twitter?

Lily Janel

Anonymous said: Where in Florida r u going?


Anonymous said: I hope you don't think the threats are coming from that other stupid group of lesbians I seen you around kenessaw, this is pure beef with your kind of people watch out when you get back from your little trip

I don’t think it’s who you are referring to.

and My kind of people?

you mean respectable people? Oh and it’s either “I’ve seen” or “I saw”. So if you’re talking about kennesaw university I would invest a little more time there. Than just to stalk me.

Anonymous said: So bri told a friend of ours that her and you have been talking again ... Behind Ariana's back. This is why you don't befriend exes

Lol except Ariana checks my phone whenever she wants. And Bri has a boyfriend she is devoted to. I havent talked to her in like a week. Get out of here with your drama creating ass. Not my fault you’re immature

"I don’t feel worthy of love.
Yet I don’t feel deserving of hate.
I’m stuck in this mediocre fog in the middle of ecstasy and torture.
But I’m terrified.
I’m frozen with the thought of being captive in this purgatory my whole life."

Anonymous said: Dude you're pretty cool, and nice and have great style so forget the haters

Thank you man. I appreciate it really

Anonymous said: Who's y'all.... It's someone who went to school with your girl you don't know me

If you went to school with my girlfriend you have either met me a few times or not at all and in neither of those options would you have gotten to know me. So hate if you want but it’s not because of anything I’ve done