grandmas elevator chic

EYE I copy, 2013Emma Hartvig

Anonymous said: If you were famous you'd be the equivalent to justin bieber or Miley Cyrus some stupid shit

Still rich

Anonymous said: I paid my car off two years ago. I go to school, I have a job, I have happiness, I just hate you and choose to give you shit. You aren't living a better life than me sit the fuck down

And do you have a reason for your hatred? Probably not. If you’ve got your shit together like that, go on vacation, spoil your girl and take her on a date, find some hobbies. Something to occupy your time that’s more eventful or prosperous than typing in my ask. I’m just as happy as you I guarantee. Probably more because I don’t feel the need to shit on people’s joy. Have a good night.

Anonymous said: Dude if you were a celebrity people everywhere would copy your style and everyone would love it. It's hilarious how people hate just cause you're not famous

Man I wish I was famous! Lol but idk people are fickle.

Anonymous said: One day I hope mid sentence it clicks in these lames head leaving all this dumb ass hate that 1. This is a waste of my time 2. There are plenty of other things I could do that could contribute to my own success or future and 3. I look like a fucking clown.

Lol exactly. Like sorry I’m bettering myself and you aren’t. I’m making moved and growing up. I’m proud of myself.

Anonymous said: Dude I don't fucking know you but fuck all of those hate anons... They have nothing better to do with your life. From what I can tell you're an amazing person. Fuck them. 👋

Thank you boo :) I’m not letting them get to me :)))) stay blessed

herlifeherbullshit said: You get hella hate mail for no fucking reason at all. like what da fuck?. Do you sweet heart , you have a beautiful girl, you have a job that's holding you down and most of the people that are talking don't have sit like you. so keep smiling and stay positive. fuck them, tell them to get out me car and suck my ass

Hahahahha aha thank you love. That made me smile. I’m not worried about people. I’m doing good. Better than I ever have actually so nothing can really bring me down right now. Stay blessed :)