whateveritscalled said: Not fat, chubby. Get your shit straight anon πŸ’


Anonymous said: Bitch I'm in a 2 year relationship and I've got a very great life, me and my significant other do stuff for EACHOTHER she has a job and makes her own, she is working towards her masters. I drive a hell of a better car than you, have a better job, and live on my own, and were almost the same age. Sorry she has to do everything's you ask her to cause she feels like she owes it to you. She don't pay rent, but your fat gay friend does hahaha wut????

Anonymous said: Who knew you and Ariana had "your" dog park πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm sure that would cost money you don't have. & you don't have your own if you love with your parents hun to that tweet you posted boo boo with your mooching as gf you spoil her cause she lives with you and she cleans for you and almost wipes your ass if she could

Okay no one was being that serious when “my dog park” and “her dog park” were said. How come you didn’t get on to me about saying Jhannin had her
Own dog park even though she still lives at home? You’re stupid. Anyways yes I live with my mom as I’ve said before and I’m not ashamed to admit it. My girlfriend doesn’t mooch off of me. She never asks for anything how can she mooch? And damn you mad that she cleans for me and does what I ask? Cuz it sure as hell seems like it. Don’t hate on a lovely life when you can spend your time trying to make your own.

Anonymous said: Because y'all are going to the dog park?

No. Ariana and I are going to our dog park. And Jhannin is going to hers. We don’t live in the same area of Georgia.

Anonymous said: So jah is going to the dog park? What will happen if you guys run into her?

Why would we run into her…?

a-nightmare-regardless said: Been following you for a while. And I wanted to say that while I don't agree with you perfectly on every single thing (who does really though? every one differs somewhere) that you seem like a genuine person. I'm not silly enough to believe you put your whole life up here, but what you do still tells a lot about you. You're one of my favorite blogs, probably one of my favorite people up here. Don't get why anons like try shit with you so much, it screams of insecurity. Anyway, keep it going :)

Awww this is one of the realest things I’ve ever gotten on here. I don’t put nearly want whole life on here so people have no clue. But anyways thank you immensely! I really appreciate it :) stay you.

Anonymous said: There is no way lily op a your door every time you get in the car let's be honest she is just trying to look good.


she really does though. Even when i open it she closes it so she can open it for me. She’s cute.

This describes my jokes. #cheesy #badumtssssss
Writing has been helping me so much ❀️