Anonymous said: how long ago did you and bri break up and why????? :(

Not answering questions about her

My routine before I see my girlfriend


-cut my nails
-brush my teeth
-do my eyebrows
-put on some smell good shit

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Poopin pose 💩💩
After aunt ana left this mornin
Anonymous said: No we didn't make out sober. I was too afraid (I know that's a problem) but I'm trying to solve that now. But one time where we were sober, she wrote me "I want a Kiss from you because I cancel my friends for you" but that's like the only thing

Sounds like she either likes you, or likes hooking up/kissing. You probably just have to ask

"Making you wet and making you laugh are my two favorite things" - this is the perfect quote. (via modernmethadone)

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Anonymous said: So there's this girl, we've been making out a lot lately but we have never spoken about that. I was in love with her 3 years ago but that was a fail. I don't know what to do till the next time we see each other? Do you maybe know something?

Uhhh do you make out sober?


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