musicisperpetual said: hey man, i don't really know you but these anons are fucked up no one should be that cruel to another person. for what its worth i think those guys are assholes :D

Thank you :) much love!

Booty had me like

Anonymous said: That anon made a good point. I don't side with them, but if you didn't care for stuff like this, why would post it?

I explain this every time. I ask for questions sometimes. So I don’t complain when I get them. I’ve saved a few messages to look into but I’ll answer whatever. The anon only looks dumb in the end not me.

Anonymous said: Also, your mom considers ariana like her own daughter that's even worse than being a fagot. Gay incest? That's disgusting

2 g’s boo boo

Anonymous said: I hope someone bashes your face into the pavement and decapitates your ass then tries your remains to your own mother fuck head you think you are this big shit nigga you aren't get over yourself.

I wouldn’t want to hurt the concrete

Anonymous said: Illiterate imbisol? Bitch die you are the one who aspires for shit and tries live a life like the shit you post on tumblr sit your ass down if you can't handle anon comments delete your ask dumb piece of shit



Anonymous said: Do you get along with your girlfriends parents?


Mom loves me. ask Lily. she said I’m like a second daughter to her.

Anonymous said: I'm not the one who was gonna shoot your ass


Anonymous said: straight up laughing at these stupid empty threats like step off it they got nothing on you

Lol people are dumb

Anonymous said: Don't sit here and make myself look misserable i just love getting a rise out of you when things such as money and what not make you go on a rampage and you write essays explaining yourself when in reality you claim ...I don't let these anons phase me... I'm chill..ok. ... Why even keep posting this shit if you don't give a fuck... Maybe if you and bri were still together id feel different but I'm not gonna lie when I see your face I get salty and my blood boils your just a disgusting hypocrite

Go the fuck to school you illiterate imbecile.