Ye said take a picture

Dude, lately I have been seeing so many stories about Ye doing so much nice stuff at his concerts. Ye is more fun now :)

One of the best pictures on tumblr

Wut 😩

this picture is so dope
Anonymous said: "Word gets around" No you're just salty as fuck,don't try to ruin shit for bri just because you have bad blood with her. Do your own shit and shut your mouth.

lol why are YOU so salty. im not salty at all. ive been with ari for almost 2 months and im asking her out like SOON and my life is getting better and better. I was over bri a long time ago. what do i have to be salty about? ive been doing my own shit. i got asked about my opinion so i stated it. it wasnt out of the blue. but im not sure why im explaining myself to someone who doesnt deserve to know shit. im not sure why i should be telling you that she told ari i was “talking to 4 other girls” when there was no evidence supporting it. it was HER being salty. im not sure why i should tell you that bri called ari a slut when bris sexual partner number is in the teens and aris is 4. im not sure why i should be telling you that bri told me to go play in traffic for no god damn reason except to make a rude remark. or the fact that she said “get your bitch and get out of my town”. i can put her on blast if i want. i can talk shit if i want but its stupid to. im not the salty one trust lol. 

Anonymous said: How the fuck would you know he is "one of 3" when you don't even speak to bri? You're a fucking joke.

we have the same group of friends? word gets around. why you catchin feelings? damn. 


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Anonymous said: Are you thinking about getting the Queen tattoo removed or covered of anything? Or if you're going to keep it, why?

Nah I’m keeping it. With or with out her one day that finger is gonna have a diamond on it and I’ll be a queen in someone’s eyes

Anonymous said: Does Cole have tumblr?


Anonymous said: Haha "I'm not worried about you go away" genius🙌

That’s me!

Anonymous said: whose Bri talking to?


Anonymous said: Since when tf was Cole your "best friend"? Never! Stop spreading lies. You're fake AF!

i didnt say cole was my best friend? hes my good friend that ive known for a while. the anon said that not me. since when was ari bris best friend? never lol. thats the point. im not worried about you go away