when ur tryin to tell a story but people talk over you



Glow x

Anonymous said: Just for fun, you should turn anon off. I wonder if you'd get half as much as the shit you're getting now, if you were to turn it off.

the anon is meree. i know who it is lol and she isnt bothering me in the least. 


spin me ‘round kiss me in your chevrolet.

"I have scars on my hands from touching certain people."

— J. D. Salinger (exoticwild: and scars on my heart from loving certain ones.)

Anonymous said: And you just basically said "hey I'll reply to the grey face but not the actual face let me tweet and reply there" by saying "are you currently mess waging me off and on anon" you reply to the anon but not the one with someone actually confronting you. Have a blessed day lily

i messaged you back the second you sent it beans. 

Anonymous said: You ari don't live together yet!?? You are so fucking stupid. I understood u and bro maybe looking for a place 2 or 3 years later since y'all been together so long. But u and ari??? Really?! You might as well be 18 too. Haven't you learned your lesson yet? U suck in a relationship. U will never have a long enough one that's why u r so eager to move in with whoever u r with. U got some alone issues bitch. You are pathetic.

my shortest relationship has been 1 year except for the one i am currently pursuing. i dont suck in relationships at all and her possibly one day moving in with me has nothing to do with our relationship.