Anonymous said: Evidence of what?

Things have been done to 1: start shit and 2: upset me

Anonymous said: You need to just stay away from all of LCs drama. That'd probably be smart boo. Be the bigger person Hun

The thing is I haven’t said anything to her in forever. I have tried staying away but it hasn’t worked

Anonymous said: Evidence? You're pathetic. Just worry about your life and stop talking about other people,you look jealous.

Evidence. Yes. What is there to be jealous of? Oh and Stop using commas wrong like you always do

Anonymous said: She hasn't done anything to you and you know that. She never says anything about you on her tumblr.

I haven’t said anything about her either? And no, things have been done. I have evidence. But that’s irrelevant to anyone who isn’t involved

Anonymous said: Pay check to pay check. Stressing out about bills worrying if you would be able to pay for everything. Jesus fucking Christ. Anything she does turns into something that has nothing to do with you. Stop trying to start shit. Leave the girl alone.

I haven’t said anything about her! Wtf are you talking about!

Anonymous said: Your anons are something else. You guys must really pay attention to what she do with her life. There's nothing wrong with living with your parents. it takes so much money to have a place and be comfortable not living from

Exactly. Sorry I’m not handed everything



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