Anonymous said: why would you put someone's license plate number up online???? there's a reason tv shows blur them out. woooow


Mountain views
Hiking 💜
No please keep fucking

atimeforhope said: Okay, I've followed you since I first registered with Tumblr (3 years ago...I'm old). I've always loved your blog, and I think you as a person are really chill. So...I don't get all these HATIN ASS HOES in your inbox. You're a good one though, you handle each of them with integrity and sometimes sass, and that, my dear, is even better than bitching them out. Anons: y'all make for some good laughs. Lily: keep up the awesomeness.

Hahah thank you dear :) I appreciate the love as always 💜 kind words are always taken with a smile. I hope you have a great day! Stay blessed

Anonymous said: Why aren't you and jah friends anymore?

That’s not to discuss on tumblr even there was a reason

Anonymous said: Funny you didn't say other wise about her mom. 😂😂😂

That’s not my business to talk about and regardless of how I feel about her, I wouldn’t talk shit.

Anonymous said: People who know they are real, don't have to post about it a the time. People who know they are "awesome" don't brag about it people just vibe off and realize that. You don't get that

Lol I don’t randomly say “I’m real and awesome and super cool and like great” but when someone says that I’m NOT this that or another, I’m allowed to defend myself and say that I am. Idiot

Anonymous said: You mom seems so much nicer than Ariana's mom. It's like your mom actually loves you and wants good for you unlike hers

My mom does love me. Very much.