Anonymous said: You think you are so smart? Ur mouth will get u beat up or killed. Who knows if u will make it to 30years old at the rate. Ignorance slut

Slut is a new one

Anonymous said: Do the world a favor and go die you piece shit, waste of a life. You are a horrible person u will get what's coming to you soon. very soon! Just watch your mouth and what you say in your responses, small town ignorant bitch

I’m the ignorant one. Right

Anonymous said: You can be 21 and still wear snapback hats ignorant bitch

If you want to sure. If not it shouldn’t be a problem. I never said it was illegal. I personally think they look childish depending on how they are worn. Lesbians have a tendency to look like a 17 year old boy until they’re like 30 and I’m not interested in that. Sorry I’m ignorant for thinking differently than you lol.


Cloudy day in The Bronx

Anonymous said: How tall are you?

With this hat on like 6’4 lol

Anonymous said: What do you mean you're 21?

I mean I’m too old to be dressing like a 16 year old high school boy in snap backs and obey t shirts. Plus style should evolve with the person. What do I look like wearing the same thing for like 5 years. My mind changes and therefore so do my tastes.

bey0nd-galaxy said: Youuuu have the most amazing style ever those people i cant even say anything about them they're lame

Hahahahha thank you! I appreciate it:) have a good dAy