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"Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way."

— (via bl-ossomed)

"What you allow is what will continue."
Ain’t no dog like an Aztec dog. #nationaldogday #mydogisbetterthanyours

Anonymous said: The fact someone is making death threats toward you...why? I don't understand why people are so cruel toward you. I mean bullying is one thing but death threats!? It's a sad world we live. I honestly believe it's all just talk, but still- that's pathetic and sad. Murder is not something people should be harassing you about on tumblr.

Yeah I feel you. But until I get proof of it I’m not really taking it serious :/

Anonymous said: I dont have a tumblr but i dont want to run the Risk of dying too homie

Why would you die too?

Happy national dog day!
I need good movie ideas!!

Anonymous said: Well... I know someone who just got a gun permit and they are buying it this weekend, said you are the first to die

I’ll check my surroundings. There’s nothing I can really do lol

if you’re concerned come off anon and inform me about it.