BAAADD (Photos by Eddie O’KEEFE)

North Cascades National Park IV ➾ Jayme Gordon

my art class in the james turrell exhibit!!!!

Anonymous said: That quite it from awkward. Shouldn't you have put "-akward" or something at the end since you didn't come up with it?

If I had come up with it I would have put (littlegordita thoughts) in the source box. Everything else I quote is usually just things I hear. Hence why it’s a quote

"Ex’s are like chips, no double dipping."

— Awkward.

Sometimes I look more like a lesbian than usual

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Oh I think you do have a pussy. and probably because there’s no reason to murder an Italian stallion.

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Anonymous said: I wish I could post some very embarrassing pics of your girl on here

I wish your pussy didn’t stank