Just picked up our ordered copies of Harriet the spy, tom and huck, jungle to jungle and life size. Movie night hay-ooooo

bxndt said: Where do you get your pants?

Literally everywhere lol



Anonymous said: I've been trying to win her back. I made another my wcw on ig called her baby but my ex makes other girls her wcw too

Well then y’all need to talk I guess and set boundaries

Anonymous said: I'm in love with my ex and she loves me but won't date me because I did Molly one time and now won't talk to me because I called some other girl baby.

Well if you were really trying to win this girl over, you wouldn’t be calling other girls baby in my eyes. So I would be mad if I was her too. It makes it seem like she’s just another bitch to you. But if you truly do want her, apologize and make an effort to get her heart back

These off guard pictures are gonna be the death of me. Thanks  @a_elizabitch

Anonymous said: Thank you for answering me and I'm going to really think of what you said. I might come off anon too.

Okay please do. You’re stronger and more capable than you think

Anonymous said: I'm really depressed and this week has been the worst. I don't know what to do with my life I am in college but I'm undecided in degrees. I have no friends besides my ex and Thas a whole other problem. I'm fat. My family is difficult. And doesn't understand me. I feel I have no purpose I feel like everyone else knows what they want . I'm just so damn depressed it's physically hard to get out of bed. I've been contemplating just giving up thinking of ways to kill myself. I don't know what to do.

I guess all I can say is that in life you’ll have really down times. And you just have to believe in yourself and in your future enough to get out of it. If no one is there for you, you have to be there for yourself. And I know that’s incredibly hard and everything seems hopeless but I promise it’ll get better. It may be next week and it may be a few years from now but things will change and you’ll come out stronger. I’m sorry you’re going through stuff but if you ever need to talk, anonymously or not I’m here

Anonymous said: I think it's great that you brag about your girlfriend because it means you think she's amazing which is great :-) don't change doing what you're doing for those stupid anons

Thank you bb 😊