Baby drew me a bath with candles around it. 
P.s. There is a honey bath ball I’m the water that’s why it’s a different color
"Your love is safe with me."
"Everyone conspires,
And I still decide to swim"
"You say you hate me,
But you still call me baby."

My girlfriend re-arranged and cleaned my room, did my laundry and folded it and when I get home from work she is drawing me a bath, making me a hot cop of coffee, giving me a massage and brushing my hair. I am so spoiled and I couldn’t appreciate her any more.

Anonymous said: Hey so just out of curiosity, when are you gonna start living your life the way your followers/anons want you to live it? Because that's obviously the most important factor in your life is the satisfaction of the anons that hound you smh

Mannnn I do what I want regardless lol.

Heavens door. 

Jkjkjk it’s hells.
Beauty 😂

Anonymous said: I get what you are going for with your style and all but you try to hard. & why do you always wear those same skinny jeans... The acid wash looking ones In all your selfies

Too hard*** too. Not to. But too. And how do I try too hard to wear what I’m comfortable in. That just makes no sense. And because they’re comfy and they’re meant to be super skinny on the legs which is hard to find because I have chicken legs. I’ve been meaning to get another pair but they were like 100 bucks and I’m not Trynna spend that right now.

Anonymous said: When are you gonna be you and stop living through social media and following trends?

And what exactly do you mean by this? How am I not me?

And how exactly do I live through social media. Do you know what time I worked today? Do you know where I went after work? Do you know what’s in my backseat? Do you know when my girlfriend and I last had sex? Do you know what I had for dinner? Do you know what I’m watching on tv right now? Do you know the last movie I watched? Do you know when I have to wake up tomorrow? Do you know the last thing I drew? OHHHHHH NO YOU KNOW NONE OF THAT. i don’t live my life on social media you dumbass. I honestly barely post about personal things. You’re a fucking idiot.